Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Grassy Knoll

There is always a lot of chatter that GW manipulate rules to sell models and once they have their evil way they change them again.

Well donning my tinfoil hat - and knowing it to be true because I read it on the internet - I headed into my local GW to purchase some Waywatchers. Obviously I had first checked Trade Me and eBay to bolster my Green credentials re recycling and ACT credentials re economic efficiency.

Unfortunately the local manager told me they are Direct Only. So I jumped onto the GW site. Now I'm only able to access the NZ site so I checked in - willing to pay "Tyranny of Distance" Tax. But they are out of stock.  What?!?! Surely the Design Studio told the Production Department.  Bugger!!! I now have to wait for them to be put on a boat and shipped via the Roaring 40's.

Off to send my complaint to Lee Harvey Oswald in Customer Service.


  1. A lot of WE stuff on the GW site is out of stock right now, i tried to buy a few units of Glade Riders a while back but with no luck, either WE are really popular or something else is a foot.

  2. Yeah the forums have a wee bit of chatter about woodie stuff being out of stock (armybook in USA, models everywhere). GW were caught unawares by how popular the book would be based on their previous sales (I assume close to none) and the need to switch factory production to the 40k re-release = guaranted bagillizion sales.

    Of course all us hobbiests who had ranks of Eternal guard, units of gladeriders and masses of waywatchers were unaffected by the bandwagon jumping sales rush :P

    Joel v

    1. Yup, its truly suprising how a book that doesn't work and was released a million years ago has small sales... expect they'll probably treat Brets the same way.

  3. I don't like metal, so instead I'm going with sisters of avelorn (/w new eternal guard hoods).

    I contemplated glade guard or Hobbit Mirkwood Elves. But I think sisters with hoods are the way to go.

    interested in all your thoughts and ideas.