Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FOB NZ Rankings - WHFB Updated for Southcon & Nicon

Over the weekend there were two events held in NZ, pretty much at opposite ends of the country.

Southcon was held in the Deep South and was won by Rhys Hodgson while Nicon was held in Tauranga and was won by Antony Kitson.

The results have now been entered in the rankings and have resulted in some changes.

Antony on the back of his win has jumped to 5th Place. He has also gained The Changeling for having played the most different races.  Ross Hillier-Jones renters the Top 10 as does Rory Finnemore (who also takes the Empire icon off Joel van de Ven-Long.  Mike King regains the Beastmen icon to go with his Marco Colombo (Most Events).

Jeff Kent continues to battle with James Brown for lowest ranked Kiwihammer personality. Both had the weekend off,  though congrats to Jeff on his engagement.


  1. Nicon wad really good blair and andy did well

  2. I agree. Love Tauranga and the gamers there...has to have the "nicest" tournaments around. Love the food too, Cafe 88 would have to be the best Cafe in the country!

  3. That's a big claim on the cafe Rory guess I will have to try it next weekend they run an event.