Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Battle Report - Ogres vs. Beastmen

Continuing the series of 2000 point games I've been having, on Saturday afternoon I played Mike's Beasts. Since our last game he has replaced his Minotaur block and characters with a Bestigor block.

We rolled up Meeting Engagement and then promptly decided to leave half our armies at home. In Mike's case it was his three Mages plus Harpies while in mine it was the Gutstar and the Maneaters.

So it was a tentative set up for me - I deployed first - with me having to hold back my army to let the Gutstar and Maneaters catch up. This meant all three characters went in the Bulls and the Sabrecats patrolled the flanks.

When I deployed I didn't know Mike wouldn't have any Magic defence if I went first. It wouldn't have likely changed anything as my characters needed their vehicle. Below you can see Mike's waiting Mages. He had taken "Wild" magic - I had to read all the spells - on a Level 3 and two Level 1s.
Mike was also circumspect in deployment as you'd expect.
As you can see below the buses have arrived. I tried to cast Comet but failed by one. My Ironblaster pinged 3 wounds off the chariot on the hill.
Mike's army has now arrived as well so we can start the battle.

My two Sabrecats charge the two units of Skirmishers. Get in unscathed.
In the centre the Ironblaster removes the chariot during shooting while the Sabrecat ignores the Razorgor unit on the hill.
The cats are in and I am hoping with charge, coming off hill and potential wounds they will sweep them away.
Well that only half worked. The more central cat beats his unit but they get away. The right hand cat fails miserably vs. the five Ungor dying in the process.
Below you can see the fleeing Ungor and pursuing cat.
Mike's Ungor rally and the unit of two Razorgor charge the three Bulls on the hill. Like my cat they fluff their attacks and the Bulls do enough damage to kill one and run the other one down. One of Mike's Level 1s mis casts losing his spell.

In the top left the Bestigor and Gor have moved forward to threaten the Bestigor failed a charge on the Mournfang while meant that the Gor block needed to move forward as cover.
The Razorgor on the hill have removed the annoying cat. You can see the centre at the start of my Turn 3.
I decide to try and sweep away the Gor block by committing all three - Mournfang, Ironblaster and Gutstar - to the charge. Mike manages to stop both my augment and hexes during the Magic phase.
All three units make it in. It's pretty much winner take all as the charge exposes the army's flank to the Bestigor.
Obviously the combat is heavily stacked my way and the combination of the three units does sufficient wounds to remove Steadfast and require Snake Eyes. I lose one Mournfang and a Gut in return.
The unit breaks and is run down by the Mournfang and Ironblaster. Unfortunately for Mike the Bestigor don't like the look of this, panic and run off the board.

We call the game there and go and have a coffee.


  1. Whew that is a lot of dead gors. A number of good outings for the Ogres so far it seems!

  2. What have Beastmen ever done to you Pete?

  3. From my point of view Pete only documented what the Ogres decided to have for lunch :)

    When was the last time you sunk your teeth into a juicy piece of grilled goat? If its from yearling goats returning from summergrazing the meat is so tender it makes chicken taste like Finecast residue.

    ..no wonder the Ogres will have some :)


    1. I'll take your word for it bro, the only goat I've eaten is Jamaican goat curry but maybe I'm missing out!

  4. You are totally missing out. Goat is good.