Monday, September 1, 2014

Battle Report - Ogres vs. Warriors of Chaos

On Saturday Ryan and myself had a 2000 point game of Meeting Engagement. He used his Warriors while I used my Ogres.

You can see the deployment line Ryan chose with me in the near corner. He then started to set up - missing his BSB, second Gorebeast chariot and a unit of Hounds. I had everything except one Sabretusk. My deployment is below.

Being a jammy git I promptly stole the initiative and went first. I moved up using the building as a screen. The Maneaters jumped in.

The ironblaster blew up the Gorebeast chariot first turn.

In response Ryan brought his second chariot on in the corner to threaten my blaster. Taking the opportunity I promptly shot this one, taking off four wounds. But boy did I pay for not finishing it off.

The rest of Ryan's army. You can see the three Skullcrushers playing tag with the Sabretusk.

Ryan's chariot on one wound charges the Ironblaster killing it outright. It is then charged by the three bulls and promptly kills them. Silly Gorebeast chariots!

In the centre we are lined up against each other. The Trolls fail a charge against the Mournfang. This leaves them exposed to Ogre countercharges.

The Ironguts charge the Trolls and Mournfang the BSB. My Slaughtermaster dies to 6 Troll Vomit attacks taking his five wounds. However the rest of the Ironguts reduce them to five models, breaking them. Ryan rolls "3" for his flee and I follow it with a "2" for my pursuit.

The Mournfang manage a wound on the BSB but he holds. He then wins the next round of combat but I manage to make the break test on a re-roll.

In the next round the Ironguts charge the rallied Trolls beating them and running them down. However their flank is now exposed to the Nurgle Warriors. In the Mournfang v BSB battle, Ryan had cast Enchanted Blades on the Mournfang but in retrospect believes Glittering Robes would have been the better bet. The Mournfang inflict the necessary two wounds - never an easy job when he has 3++ rerolling 1s. The Maneaters have exited the building to threaten the rear of the Warriors.

In go the Warriors and due to the Crown the Ironguts hold. They reform to face.

A combo charge of Mournfang and Maneaters make a WoC sandwich. Things start to get meaty but the WoC hold due to Steadfast.

Unfortunately Ryan's Level 4 miscasts killing 5 Warriors. This swings the battle the Ogre's way.

They manage to kill the unit and turn to face the remaining WoC units - basically the Skullcrushers who have been chasing cats and the Gorebeast chariot trying to make it back to the centre.

In the end it is too late for Chaos and the Ogres have ground out a 15-5 win - despite having only 8 models left.

A rugged battle where there were points that it could have gone either way.


  1. Nice report. Crown of Command is Boo though. :)

    1. Yeah...but at 2000 points it is vey very good

    2. Yeah I agree. What magic was Ryan using?

    3. Metal!! I managed to get one final trans on the bus after the super vomit, taking the second caster out and an irongut. Disappointed my bsb with gw on demonic beast only did one wound to mournfang with enchanted blades but really just needed him alive at that stage hence thinking about the glittering in hindsight. I made another mistake following that in popping my flaming breath a turn early in panic against the mournfang rather than waiting to use against the maneaters. Great game swung a few times.