Monday, September 8, 2014

Space Hulk 2014

EDIT: Now Confirmed - White Dwarf pictures sighted

I now heard from 3-4 sources that we can expect a release of Space Hulk later this month.

It is not certain whether this is a re-release of the limited edition game from three years ago or whether it is a new updated version.

Rumoured price? Between $230-$240 NZD.

Not sure if it will be as successful this time. you can only go to the well so many time.

Little Timmy probably still has his last copy (keeps it next to his Dreadfleet box).

EDIT: Further Details

It is a re-release but with extras.

$125USD or €100/£75
English only this time around. No translations
Limited Re-release from the 2009 edition but with
-4 new scenarios
-The box contains new counters (boarding torpedoes, breach counters, damaged control room and turbo lift tiles)Box

35 Easy fit models
22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord and 12 Space Marine Terminators.
189 board sections and gaming counters.
1 x Rulebook and 1 x Mission book containing 16 scenarios including 4 new ones.


  1. I think it could still have massive success - GW lack the gateway drugs of the past and it could spawn a new generation of fans if it is done well. It is certainly something that I might purchase it if is done as well as the last set. Although you could be right in the fact it will get played 3 or 4 times and sit on a shelf..

  2. This is the disappointing thing about GW at the moment. They are recycling old successful products. I would like something new, something which could get me back in GW games.


  3. Bring back the gateway drugs! GorkaMorka got me in to 40k when I was 11 (as it got me the basis for an ork army my minimal spending money could easily expand on) and I know plenty of people who wont touch WHFB (too expensive, rules, usual etc etc), but jump at the chance to play Mordheim.

    Keeping Space Hulk as a regular game at a reasonable "elite board" price on the shelves in GW and other outlets along with the other old classics seems like a winning strategy to me, but their thorough lack of extensive market research most likely missed this obvious point...board games get people into gaming as it is a non threatening genre to start out with.

    Expand this into starter set Gorkamorka/mordheim/necormanda/battlefleet gothic (maybe with a gaming "mat/board" to remove the need for tape measure with expansion pack upgrades and boom gateway drug turbo1000!...even more so if the campaign books that would come with them suggested how to integrate it into normal 40k/WHFB...insta gaming club material right there.

    1. Yes , the world defo needs more Gorkamorka!!! Viva Le Grot Revolution!

      God I miss that game...

  4. Another SpaceHulk? Unexpected. I would have thought a Blood Bowl reboot (see the pun!) would have been more likely.

    SpaceHulk is still one of the best stand-alone games they ever made. I've got the last edition but I'd consider another, it's that good.

  5. I wouldn't consider a second copy in fact I am thinking of setting fire to my copy in a fit of pique...

  6. Am I the only one that this seems to be a decent buy to? I've played Space Hulk only once so not sure how much fun it is. That said $150 NZD (if I buy it while I'm in the US) doesn't seem like too much to drop.

    1. Yeah, but for the next 10 weeks I don't have to pay the antipodean premium, so $150!


    2. If it is anything like the last time it was snapped up worldwide mainly to onsell the terminators and genestealers at inflated prices (they are cool models).

      to make a profit in NZ you need to sell each model for minimum $7 = $84 for 12 Terminators (assuming you also sell the genestealers) = a massive bargin considering 5 terminators is $80NZ = great potential for mark up.

      Too bad Terminators are not "cutting edge meta"...but not a bad investment

      Joel v

    3. This, it seems like a really safe investment at $150 NZD

  7. Space hulk sux bum. That is my eloquent and informed opinion.

  8. I disagree. It's an excellent game. I am slightly irked though as last time around was 'limited edition, one off'. Not enough difference there to warrant a new buy.

  9. I'm not sure how well it will sell.

    When it was released 3-4 years ago it had three major attractions
    * Cool unseen Termies
    * It was Limited Edition
    * It hadn't been released for 15 years

    Not sure those are unique selling points.

    I didn't buy it in then...can't see me buying it now