Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nagash - What a Great Story

Absolutely loving the Nagash End Times book.

I'm currently 126 pages into the fluff and the progression of the lore is great. This truly is war on a large scale.

At the start of the book they give a run through of the fifteen races (apparently Chaos Dwarfs aren't a real army) and their involvement and motivations in the upcoming conflict.

Already the battle by Arkhan against the Brets to recover Nagash's staff and Mannfred versus Clan Mordkin to secure the Fellblade have been covered (does this mean Skaven Warlords can't take the Fellblade anymore?).

Now they have joined forces against the Knights of Sigmars Blood to regain Nagash's Black Armour.

All this in the first 20% of the book.

I'll eventually get to the rules but at the moment I'm enjoying the fluff journey too much.


  1. Well thats convinced me, looks like i am getting that book

  2. I Love the nagash lore, looking at getting this book soon, keep going Pete i am enjoying the tasters.

  3. the reason I like games are the background - the history of the lands/peoples and monsters. The game itself - fun tactically – could be ancients or moderns or something similarly dull. But it isn't because of the background. We know Nagash is anti-Chaos (what is more orderly than eternal death!) but he isn't a 'good guy' - we know his character is going to fight Chaos but ultimately, no matter who he allies with - he is going to seize control himself...and yet, despite this being ultimately more important than the rules (which serve the background, making them fight/act like they do in the stories) it is called 'fluff'. I wish there was an equally derogatory title for the rules/game play (the dirty grind isn't quite right). Without the 'fluff' you'd be playing biblical era battles

  4. I downloaded the book from the black library and I loved it. I read the whole thing in a single day off and I just couldn't put it down (it's a big book). I've always liked the background (and I've bought 60+ books from the black library). Won't give anything away but there are some big things going on, especially certain races/area's are permanently changed and I am really excited by the prospect of more of these, especially when we get to the Skaven invasion of the southern Empire!

    For those of you who aren't buying the campaign set (I don't plan to as I don't have any of the armies covered in this one) I would still recommend buying the book if you are a fan of the lore at all and it's very reasonably priced as a epub or mobi file from Black library.

    Dave A

  5. I blasted the ebook out in a day. So amazing. really looking forward to the next ones - finally feel like fantasy has a landmark series to rival Heresy.

    I really liked how Reynolds gave so much character to those Undead guys. Arkhan... what a great character. And I really felt for Mannfred!

    RE the Fellblade... you need to read to the end!