Thursday, September 4, 2014

Army Ranking- September Update

Back in June I published a composite Army Ranking based on the current army performance in the three countries - United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand - that are using the Fields of Blood ranking model.

This is based the best results for each race - excluding Army Icon holder - in each of the countries.

Here are the current results for each country as at start of September:

As can be seen there still remains a good deal of correlation across the three countries. This despite a variety in the degree of comp that each country imposes. Australia is known for its harder comp while NZ pursues a lighter system. The UK spans the spectrum but generally is more in line with systems here in NZ. Interestingly though the last three months has probably seen more commonality as all countries had tournaments preparing for ETC.

So updating the Overall Army Rating that combines the individual country rankings:
Here the highest ranked army in each country is assigned 10 points, while the 10th ranked gets 1 point. This gives each army a potential score out of 30 when the three scores are added together. In the above table "Previous" gives the score (and in brackets, the rank) in June.

As I said in June there is no pretence of scientific rigour however I do think that it picks up macro meta trends.

The most obvious is the arrival of the Dark Elves. Now ranked #1 it joins DoC, WoC and High Elves as a definite Top 4. There is a significant gap to the next two - Empire/Lizards - and then a gap to the lower ranked armies.

I would suggest that few would argue with the Top 5 armies as being the strongest all round books....and all being armies that do well in 0-20 scoring systems - the most common scoring system in all three countries.

Personally I think we'll see Wood Elves challenge Lizards for the #6 spot at some point in the remainder of 2014.


  1. Poor Tomb Kings. They need to play under ETC comp to really be competitive.

  2. Poor Skaven too...

    Be interesting to see if any of the countries adopt the End Times books into their regular scene and if this has any effect on the above.

    1. It's a cross we Skaven players bear....being fluff gamers

  3. I think that as you have stated Pete, the reasons why those top 3 armies do very well is under a 20-0 system they have the ability to really push home those 20-0 wins against more inexperienced players which you don't have at events like the ETC. - Legrand

  4. I was flicking through the dark elves book the other day and was quite impressed with how usable the units & special characters looked.