Tuesday, September 30, 2014

GW Shuts Another Door

One of 2014's most frequent sources of early GW pictures has been closed down.

Throughout the year "Grot Orderley" has been the most frequent source of good quality pictures of upcoming releases. These are usually been lifted from the next weekend's White Dwarf.

Well it appears GW have had enough. Apparently he recently received correspondence from GW indicating that they would prefer that he no longer post their material.

Another finger in the dyke, albeit a particularly big hole.

1 comment:

  1. Sad that GW don't realise that any "leak" is actually to their benefit. It stimulates interest and discussion, and whips up enthusiasm for the releases. They are doing very little to keep their fan-base active, engaged or interested, other than bringing out new models and expansions. The fan-base has to fend for it self. (Apart from the great work done in the shops by individual owners/teams) Imagine a website with a members' section, with sneak previous, limited offers or discounts and members only releases. Most of us would be willing to pay a subscription for something like that. They could do sooo much with the intellectual property if they just wanted too. . Oh, of course..."We don't listen to our customers. Their opinion is otoise, serving no practical purpose or result, superfluous"