Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Hobby Update

Been getting into some hobby over the past week. Certainly not concentrating on any one army has helped the creative juices.

Painting wise I have finished a unit of 5 Sisters of the Thorn (yes I feel unclean) and also 5 Hexwraiths. I intend to have pictures of both up tomorrow.

This has also inspired some purchases. First, Slave to Painting who got an order for cans of Army Painter Primer and Varnish as well as Secret Weapon Miniatures Autumn Leaf Cover. Last night got an order for resin basing material for VC Hexwraiths plus a multitude of High Elf figures that need basing (yes I do have dirty secrets -owning a High Elf army is the worst).

Finally I bought the latest two buildings from Tabletop World. They are both Townhouses and will add to my terrain collection. I'm hoping to have them finished in time for NZTC.

I also got two games in. I've posted the Battle Report versus Sam Whitt's Dark Elves. Later in the week I'll post the second game, versus Beastmen.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the hexwraiths! (not that I'm biased or anything). I always feel disturbed when I see dwarves in my buckets of plastic.