Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GNagashing of Teeth

And still it continues.

Click onto forums such as TWF and there is a multitude of threads on what End Times: Nagash means. You have a strong polarisation of views quickly evident once you read these threads.

First, you have the posters browbeating everyone that Nagash is the new Warhammer and that they will brook no argument whether they can use these rules in all games. Like the right to bear arms, they have the god-given (really it should be GW-given) to have 50% Lords, no crumble, the Lore of Undeath whenever they see fit. TOs must accept their new lists otherwise they are infringing what they view as their constitutional right of free choice. Amazingly other people's right to choose

And then at the other end of the spectrum you have the Posters who indicate that this is no more official canon than the "Blood in the Badlands" book. They will never play Warhammer Nagash and nor should its rules sully what they see as "pure" Warhammer.

And I am somewhere in between. But the key thing is that what I think doesn't matter.

People should play what they want. If Nagash doesn't sound fun for them then I'm not sure why you would play it. Alternatively if it sounds a fantastic new option, then embrace it. The only person you have to agree with is your opponent. Just as you discuss points level then also discuss whether your preference is to use/not use the Nagash rules.  Not is compulsory, nothing is banned. It's all part of the social contract of gaming.

And as for tournaments, surely that's up to the TO. It's his investment, both in time and money. Rather than demand one way or the other, you do have the right to "vote with your feet".

Yet still we have both sides try to "prove" there is only one true way. In a way they are correct, after all. It's called freedom of choice.

Just play people. And enjoy yourselves.


  1. Fair call, I tend to think this is a sign of things to come and am not too bothered either way. We're seeing two extremes (with the rabid dog Sleboda showing his usual charisma), but ultimately whether a rule is official or not is totally irrelevant. Swift reforming into buildings is totally legit yet virtually every tournament in NZ disallows it.

    The only way that the "official-ness" of GW rules would be relevant in NZ would be if GW were sponsoring and running tournaments.... and that's less likely than James Brown painting an army on his own...

  2. Very well said Pete. People keep acting like someone's got a gun to their head telling them to play End Times. Even though I keep telling them to act normal or someone will get suspicious.