Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miniature (Almost) Monday - Sisters of the Thorn

Finished up painting some Sisters of the Thorn. Bloody fiddly models to put together. Tried to match them to my existing army.

Especially happy with how the bases came out.


  1. I'm intrigued by the 'fiddly to put together' comment. I'm in the midst of assembling 15 wild riders and have to say I've not found issue with assembly. Sure you need to follow the instruction manual and only clip off the parts for 1 model and assemble it before clipping the next if you want to ensure that they parts all sync up correctly but beyond that I've not found issue with the way they go together.

    Similar to you I'm adding them to an older army, in this case I had to go back at least 4 years to when I painted the horses in my WE army to try and match the colours scheme with the stags, thankfull despite the change in the paint range that has happened in that time period I was still able to get everything to look much of a likeness on my test model.

    I notice you've just stuck with the standard GW kit for the horns rather than chopping them and sticking to the head in a more natural way stag horns grow, I was far too OCD for that so had to cut off and shave down the mounting point for the horns part and then chop the horns off and attach separately to the head. Took a while but I think gives a nicer look to the model rather than hanging off the front of their heads.

    Anyway nice post and good to see others adding to old armies to spruce them up, for some reason that happening doesn't seem all that common.

    1. As you say if you follow instructions you are probably okay. However most wargamers:

      a) Never follow instructions; and
      b) Have sausage fingers.

      Hence the problems!