Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mighty Empires Redux

In 2011 I took a break from tournaments and got my fix through a number of Mighty Empires campaign weekends.

Last weekend while cleaning up my games room I found the Mighty Empires board and a number of spare tiles. I'm keen to add the extra tiles to my board and then go back and detail the existing tiles.

It is probably a mix of burnout after ETC and excitement over the Nagash release, but I'm keen to resurrect a Mighty Empires type campaign. My thoughts are a 5-6 person event which meets once a month to play through a couple of turns over a day.

If any locals are keen to play in such a venture then they should drop me an email. It means a commitment to one day a month but gives a break from the normal tournament focus. Also let's us try out some new rules and potentially scenarios.


  1. Wil, Alix and Greg have all expressed interest. I'll fix something up this weekend.

  2. Hey mate we are about to kick off a slow grow using mighty empires here, think it's a etc hangover. Really keen to see how you plan on running yours?

    1. Sent Roy large amount of material last night.

      I've run three campaign weekends in the past where we had 5 "turns" and five battles each. This was in teams of three per "party"

      In the first - Runefang IV - the two Orc & Goblin parties ran amok holding great swathes of our continent's heartland. In the second - Horned Rat IV - the Orcs were beaten back by the dark Alliance (team with DoC, WoC and Dark Elves) while the Skaven bottled the Lizards up on their beachhead and splintered Elves into three kingdoms.

      In both campaign weekends the Dwarfs happily sat in the mountains mining and being ignored.

      The final campaign had Ogres arriving from the East and the Skaven expanding their lands as the Dark Alliance fell apart.

      All three were excellent fun. The key was to keep things relatively simple at the start. You can always add complexity as you go on.

      For this next one I am keen to reset to "0" and have the participants preferably from different races.