Saturday, September 6, 2014

Battle Report - Ogres vs. Ogres in "Who's Got The Biggest Belly"

This morning I had a game again Wil Hoverd and his Ogres. We rolled up "Watchtower".

In the "Belly Off", Wil had Beast magic on his Level 4, while I continued with Heavens. I got the tower but chose to deploy nothing in it.

Our armies were remarkably similar - Level 4, Butcher, BSB, Gutstar, Manstar, Ironblaster, 3 Sabretusks. Where we varied - Wil's Butcher was Level 2, he had two units of Gnoblars, an extra Maneater, more magic items vs. my three Mournfang and three Ogres. 

We set up with me concentrating my force to the right of the tower. Wil removed a Mournfang with his Ironblaster and put curse on my Monstrous Cav. Below is after my Turn 1.

Another angle of the battlefield at the start of Wil's Turn 2. No-one is in the tower yet.

On my left, Wil won the fight of the Sabrecats - killing one when it broke and the other breaking then fleeing off the board.

In the centre Wil's Gnoblars have come up to halt the advance of the Bulls. Magic and shooting were very uneventful.

I charged the Gnoblars breaking them and also popped my Maneaters into the building - along with Butcher and Slaughtermaster. I popped my Hellheart but rolled a "2" - needed a 4. In the Magic Phase I brought down a small comet.

You can see my remaining Sabrecat has moved up to block Wil's Manstar. My Ironblaster did 4 wounds to Wil's.

The Manstar cleans out my cat.

And Wil's Gnoblars move up to stop my Mournfang advancing.

The Green Die is my Comet. The Mounfang clearout the Gnoblars and reform....and I push the Bulls to threaten the Ironblaster. I also jump out of the building with my Maneaters + Magic Users to threaten the rear of Wil's Manstar [in retrospect this wasn't the smartest move].

From here Wil jumps his Manstar into the building (curses!@#!!) and pushes a Sabrecat to block my Maneaters. He also charges the rear of my Bulls with a Sabrecat.

In the photo above and below you can see the impact my Comet had. Eleven hits at Strength 5 cleared out the diverting Sabrecat and caused a panic test on the Ironguts who ran off the board.

By charging the Bulls, Wil gave me a reform which allowed me to get into the flank arc of the Ironblaster for a charge my next turn. The combat also meant Wil's last cat fled. My magic phase was dispelled by Wil except for the Comet I brought down behind the building on my deployment side.

The Bull charge removed the remaining wound from the Ironblaster. I charged my Maneaters into the Tower to fight the climatic battle. I won the fight 6-5 but Wil past the break test.

We rolled and moved into Turn 5.

Wil used his Magic Phase to get Wildform off on his Manstar. Doing so meant I had to make a choice. I could either go in and fight at a disadvantage or take a risk that the game went into a 6th turn or that I did sufficient damage that Wil abandoned the building.

Unfortunately for me the comet failed to come down. However a cannon shot wounded 6 models. This cleared out the Manstar sans the characters and they failed their Panic (and reroll) exiting the building.

 We rolled and it went to a 6th Turn. Unfortunately for Wil his characters failed to rally and we called it there.

It was a very interesting game with both of us making a number of errors. I should never have exited the building. Wil shouldn't have charged my bulls with the Sabrecat and should have fired at my Ironblaster.

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