Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Internet Tuesday - World's End Radio Podcast

One of the podcasts that tends to fly under the wire is Australia's "World's End Radio".

The name comes from the geographical location of its hosts - Perth, Western Australia - and their physical isolation from civilisation (Perth is the world's most isolated city).

The podcast has been going since 2008 and is now up to 80 episodes. In recent years episodes have become far more spasmodic but I'd say the quality of content has steadily increased (particularly after the change of co-host around episode 50).

What sets it apart is that it is a general miniature Wargaming podcast. As such the topics they cover are generally broader rather than game-specific. The main host Luke Retelleck is ex-GW but now plays mainly Warmachine. However though down particularly on WHFB since the Great Ozzie Rage Quit of 2010, he doesn't let if detract from his product.

One thing I particularly enjoy is their discussions on tournament organisation. Generally you get an insight into the trials and tribulations they've encountered.

The most recent episode focused on game room setup - and prodded me to start cleaning up my room.

As always you can find them on iTunes or search World's End Radio in the Goggle.

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