Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FOB Rankings - WHFB Updated for Guardcon

The rankings have been updated for last weekend's Guardcon held in Auckland.

This has seen some small changes in the Top 10 - Kelly Gragg has entered the Top 10 for the first time. Rory Finnemore jumps to 13th.

With the end of October signalling the cutoff for the year, the Masters Mode function indicates that you currently need 210 points to be certain of qualification. That is likely to jump to 215 points in coming weeks.

Greg Greenfield has only two events in rankings but is attending two upcoming events. A podium finish at either will put him in the Top 10. Sam Whitt and Peter Williamson also need podium finishes at the same events to force themselves into the reckoning.

Guess we can expect a lot of Elves at upcoming events then.

In related news, Dark Elves have replaced Warriors of Chaos as New Zealand's most effective army. It completes the Cinderella story for the Dark Elves as they have risen from obscurity (9th in June) to their current position as all the power hobby gamers pile into them. Won't somebody please think of the Warriors, Lizards and Brets left behind!


  1. And well done to Sean Robertson on getting 4th place with 2x Carnosaurs (out-of-the-box list), 6th most battle points, Best Painted and doing it all with the fluffiest list at the tournament!

    1. Oh and tied equal for sports too. Nice guy, nice, army and good player. Just what the scene needs.

  2. How'd that James Brown guy go? I want to hear more about him.....

  3. SAY WHAAAT!!! You told me 210 would be enough! I purposefully got the results i did to get the 210 required! Do you know how hard it is to get 9th, 2nd, 2nd ON PURPOSE!!! Geeze.

  4. Don't worry Sam, you can have my spot.