Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fields of Blood Mighty Empires Campaign Rules

The FOB Mighty Empires Campaign Rules can be found here

These have been formulated from experiences at three campaign weekends using the basic Mighty Empires system.

The rules aren't meant to be all-encompassing but are designed to give a fun, fast paced campaign with minimal book keeping.

They are also game focused rather than infrastructure based.

If you use them, I hope you enjoy them. As always keen for feedback and improvements. Use the "Comments" section.

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  1. I like them. Nothing too constricting and you even chose all-defeating Night Goblins as the picture for the post.

    A few suggestions- Random events could be pretty frequent if each player draws a 'card'. How about d3 per turn?
    You could also have 'ulterior motives' for a battle to earn bonuses. For example a 'slave raid' might boost mine production if you run down an enemy unit of 20+ models or 'trophy collection' could give an extra Empire Point if you capture the enemies BSB. You could declare motives or keep them secret until the end of the battle.
    Mordheim-style 'experience' or injury tables for heroes?
    Army size linked to territory held?

    Just some ideas. I'm looking forward to getting involved.