Monday, September 22, 2014

Battle Report - Ogres vs. Dark Elves

On Saturday Sam came down for a game. He was running his Crack's Call Dark Elves - so 2000 points. We played Dawn Attack and neither of us was greatly affected by "random" deployment.

My big concern was Sam's Cauldron WEs ripping me a new one so I was determined not to let them hit anything meaningful. However my main re directors were very vulnerable to Sam's shooting and Magic.

Sam decided to charge the Sabrecat with his Hydra and the Bulls with his DR dart. The hydra made quick work of the cat but did take one wound in return. The Bulls survived the charge and killed three DRs in return.

Here possibly the most important series of dice rolls in the game happened. I had my Mournfang on my far left holding Sam's right flank. He cast Doombolt - 4 dice, Level 2 - and I failed to dispel it - 5 dice, Level 4. He then inflicted seven hits, six wounds. I saved all of them on 4s.
On the right hand side my Gutstar faced off versus Warlocks outside the Leadership bubble. I peppered them with MMs but couldn't cause a wound.
Here you can see the state of the game. My Mournfang have hit DRs in the flank on the far left. This DRs had blocked any other charges and removed a Sabrecat. In the centre I have blocked the Witch Elves and the Bulls are about to finish off the DRs. The Hydra has precisely 4.3 seconds to live as the Ironblaster lines him up.
And the aftermath. Both DRs gone but both Bulls and Mournfang exposed.
Warlocks skirt around the side. I activate Hellheart causing one wound.
Witch Elves charge (and remove) the Sabrecat. Doombolt and shooting reduces the Mournfang unit to one wound. The Bloodwrack + Executioners charge the Bulls, who flee.
And here's the lie of the land. The Witch Elves only overrun 4 inches. Grrr. Knowing he has limited time to live the Mournfang will charge the RBT, killing it and go off the board.
When he comes back he'll threaten the central RBT forcing it to shoot it - instead of the Ironblaster.
Here we see the continued effect of the Ironblaster. There is a Bloodwrack Shrine gap in the Executioner unit.

Sam has cleaned out my left flank but we are now in the late part of the game. The two Warlock units are 2 and 3 respectively. The far unit clears out the rallied Bulls. My combat units (ha ha) and Ironblaster have managed to retreat to the corner putting a forest between them and the Witch Elves. You can see Shrine just before IB shot.

I continue to pepper the Warlock unit with MMs while it tries to remove the Ironblaster with the support of the RBTs.

The Witch Elves and Executioners continue the push forward while the Warlock units move up to 18" to blast the Ironblaster. However that is not without risk and below you can see the hole where the two Warlock units were after been removed by Chain Lightning and Thunderbolt. (One for all the Warlock haters out there).
Finally Sam gets his blocks into meaningful combat. I have reformed along the board edge and Sam needs 12 on the dice for both his Executioners and Witch Elves to get in. The Executioners make it and my Slaughtermaster kills the Sorceress - also picking up General bonus - and Sam must make a Stubborn break test.
Here we have the Witch Elves marooned in the forest. Thankfully the homicidal bitches only have a lone Sabrecat to their tally.

When we tally things up Sam has killed about 380 pts and I have killed around 1120. This puts it at 14-6 just shy of 15-5.

The key has been keeping the Witches occupied while picking points up via the Ironblaster and MMs. I failed to get Comet or Convergence in my spells so I am very happy as at the outset I didn't see me having much joy against the list. The Ironblaster has picked up just shy of 450 points while the Mournfang and Bulls have bought me time.

Enjoyable and very tactical game.


  1. I also realised that i forgot to vanguard. This would have lead to my Witches probably getting to your lines a turn sooner, so would have been a major change to the scoreline. Really enjoyable game mate thanks.

    1. Nah...I would have delayed you differently.

      You would have got a Butcher, Turn 6, as he moved out 12" to annoy you

    2. Hmmm. Would have changed the whole Mournfang situation also. That game reaffirmed my hatred of Iron Blasters though :)

    3. If we dwarfs had cannons that could move and shoot, and charge with impact hits, then you can be sure we wouldn't castle anywhere near as much as ogres, Skaven, DoC and WoC do.

      - Adam Richards

  2. Very striking looking armies guys