Tuesday, September 2, 2014

He Needs Goblinz!

Having moved through Chaos Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos and more recently on the Dark Elf Minibus of Doom, local gamer Sam Whitt is looking to build his next army. He's decided on Lizardmen but is going to use O&G as the models - so expect Gobbo-Eko etc.

For the Skinks he wants to use Forest Goblins and the best source of these is off the Araknarok Spider kit. Sam has indicated he neds about 70 of these little buggers to maximise his "double flee fun times".  That pretty much means he needs 7 sets of crew. I know Jack used Night Goblins as his crew so like us you may have some spare.

If you can help Sam out you can contact him here


  1. Sorry, obviously he is happy to pay for the little critters

  2. Urm.............I have none spare................

  3. I cry at night thinking of the piles of unpainted metal forest gobbos at your place that I want to turn into an army.

  4. Ian from the DGL is likely to have some as he used night goblins on his model. There is a facebook page so that is probably the easiest way to contact him.

    1. What's DGL mate? I will try to find it. Cheers mate.

  5. I have some but I chopped several up to use arms and hands to convert other models. I've almost certainly got several of the spider-riders though (the sitting ones, on the smaller spiders).