Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend's Hobby

Managed to get some hobby in over the weekend.

Friday night saw some more cleaning up of the Dunn-geon - mainly as I had two games lined up for Saturday.

First up was a game of Ogres vs. Ryan Lister's Warriors (battle report to follow) and then the Ogres backed up against Alan Hughes' Skaven. In between them I packaged up some Wood Elf models to send to my contract painter in Sri Lanka (Otaki).

It was also Nagash weekend and the new book duly downloaded onto my iPad overnight Friday. I'm about 40 pages in - I started at the front - and am really enjoying it. The scale of the story is enormous yes, all races are involved. It is the End Times.

The Saturday post saw my Lore of Undeath cards arrive - yay! And also a bunch of new resin bases from Back2bas-ix.

On Sunday afternoon I unpacked my Skaven army having had it sit in its case for three weeks since the ETC. A few small repairs. Mmmmmm Skaven at 2000 points...intriguing.

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