Monday, November 24, 2014

GW & Stock Levels

The rage du jour over the weekend on the intrawebz was the selling out of the upcoming End Times: Khaine release from Games Workshop webstores.

The new books are released next weekend and went up for pre-order on Saturday morning. Games Workshop followed this up with an email announcement. Unfortunately in most countries both the Limited Edition and Hardcover books were sold out before the email hit your inbox.

Cue internet rage.

Depending on your view this "atrocity" was either symptomatic of Games Workshop's incompetence or a part of a masterplan that had them in league with the Illuminati and Montgomery Burns.

They were accused of:

  • trying to force everybody to buy digital versions - and as such were thralled to the evil Apple
  • purposely underproducing so as to limit their profits so the beancounters could have their way and kill Warhammer
  • training people to line up early and buy pr-orders out of fear
  • creating a climate of fear that would force people into GW shops next Saturday where they would have their pockets emptied
  • boosting sales of other items as people were so despondent on missing out they had to console themselves by buying other unrelated items
Now I have no idea at all behind the stock levels we are seeing - but perhaps the fallout is that we are seeing greater demand than GW expected. Personally I'm surprised that they didn't foresee the demand that such a story progression would create.

Interestingly they are now rushing softcovered versions of Nagash and Glottkin to market.


  1. Not sure, I haven't played a game of fantasy since all this end times stuff came out

  2. I'm going with the Illuminati, GW and the Lewis Road Creamery triumvirate of evil masterplan.

  3. So are they planning another print run of any of these sold out editions?

  4. Yes John I believe you will be able to get them all in soft cover.

    The stock levels make no sense, neither do the (really when you think about it) lack of new models with each book.

    To my mind starts to lean the End Times toward being something of a Storm of Chaos "blip" rather than an actual re-direction of warhammer fluff.

    Really, you would think for something of such magnitude as End Times technically is Warhammer wise.... (at least from a marketing/sales perspective) they seem to have aimed for the 8 ball... and instead sunk the white.