Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 NZ Masters - Warhammer 40k

Pleased to announce the field for this year's Warhammer 40k Masters. The participants are:
  • Haydn Korach (2013 Masters Champion)
  • Christian Pride
  • Dean Bradley
  • James Davison
  • David Foster
  • Tim Adams
  • Josh Evans
  • Frank Redmond
  • Shaun Moloney
Putting together the field has been a bit of a task with a significant portion of the higher ranked Warhammer 40k players being unavailable either because they are no longer playing the game or because they were unable to travel to Wellington for family or financial reasons. While this is totally understandable, it has required significant hours of work (and dozens of emails) to ensure that we have a competitive rankings-based field for the 7th Annual Masters. Corralling wargamers can be more difficult than herding cats.

The eagle-eyed will note that currently nine gamers are listed. There was a field of ten but unfortunately one player withdrew Monday. I am currently working to rectify that.

 Big thanks to Hagen Kerr for stepping up to umpire the event. I appreciate him giving up his weekend so that his peers can have a fun and competitive weekend.

 See you all in December.


  1. List creation is going to be an interesting thing for this one. I am struggling to come up with something cut throat enough

  2. What, the usual wave serpent + wraithknight doesn't cut the mustard? This should be interesting then