Monday, November 17, 2014

Hobby Update - The Weekend That Was

So apart from my game versus Neil on Saturday, I managed to squeeze in a little bit of hobby over the weekend.

First I dug out the newly fashionable unpainted Pestigor I had in my model drawers downstairs.

I managed to find twelve of the little beasts and spent last evening removing flash and mould lines prior to painting. If I don't do this, the Prep Gestapo - Jack and Charlie - attack relentlessly.

They are now ready for priming and matching to the 25 I already have painted. I suspect I'll then do the normal headstone filler to give me the full 40 cow unit.

Downstairs I've had 19 Eternal Guard painted. I don't think they have ever seen the table in the seven years I've owned a Wood Elf army. With the release of the new book I thought "Wouldn't a unit of 30 be great! Or even three annoying units of 10?" Of course I couldn't face the thought of painting another Wood Elf so managed to talk Sam in painting an extra 12 for me.

Below is the finished unit:

Sam has done an excellent job matching the original style giving me a largely seamless unit. I have rebased the original - mixed herbs, static grass and SWM Autumn Leaves - and that helps tie them all together.

So is a horde of EG the new broken or will these stay dutifully on my shelf? Time will tell.

The eagle-eyed will notice a mummified skink on my work tray behind. Just a present from Nurgle the Cat!


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