Thursday, November 13, 2014

New End Times Models on the Way


Both the rumoured Avatar of Khaine and plastic Vermin Lord have been all but confirmed.

There is also talk of additional Skaven kits (Yay) and a new warmachine for Dwarfs. This is some type of contraption with smashy fists. I'm hoping its a dual kit and they release a plastic Goblin Hewer updating the Storm of Chaos kit.

The real question is how much other Elf stuff we will get given they have not long released Dark Elves (and I guess High Elves). There has been talk that the number of new Elf kits will be relatively limited.

Any guess what we could see for the PEGs (besides Khaine)? I hope that we get a Malekith kit.


  1. Going on the 2 preceding books, we can surely count on a huge kit (Nagash, Glotkin), a ridden monster character kit (mortarchs and maggoths) and a unit (whatever the hovering boney things were called, blightkings). The second release had Spume, can't remember if they had an equivalent for Nagash? Although they did re-release Valten I suppose.

    So, Khaine is the big kit? Then we should get 3 elves riding things. An up date to Malekith on a dragon, the twins on a dragon for WE, and a HE on a dragon? Tyrion ascends? Imrik? A Caledor?

  2. Dwarfs had to get a monstrous machine option, and Empire will prob get a ubermachine / monstermodel too. There has to be balance in the universe.

  3. There was that picture way back before doof book release with a tank looking thing in background. May be its time the dwarfs didn't have to walk?
    Obviously Brets are fine riding round on the same old horses since 2003 #notbitter #broken record

    1. C'mon, John. At least you can take both your special character Lords in a 2400 list now. I'm looking forward to seeing King Louen on Beaqui at our next Tauranga tournament.

    2. Hopefully it isn't a 'current' end times tournament......

  4. You might have a chance of seeing the Fay Enchantress or green knight but no way you'll see Louen "Cannon-Magnet" Coeur any time soon.

  5. hope is the first step on the road to disappointment