Monday, November 3, 2014

Hobby Update

Weather in Wellington was pretty patchy yesterday so managed to catch up on a far amount of hobby.

As you can see from the previous post, I finished my 40 Skeleton Warrior unit for the VCs. They required quite a bit of painting - livery and shields were red - to tie them in with my existing army. I've been doing this over the past couple of weeks. Once I had finished re-paint and wash I based them and then magnetised the bases.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a box of Sisters of the Thorn from GW Lower Hutt as I wanted to expand my unit to seven (a local gamer has snaffled the other three). So while I listened to some podcasts yesterday I clipped and constructed the two Sisters. To avoid ridicule from Charlie and Jack I then spent 20 minutes removing mold lines. Finally they were sprayed black. These two models are next on the painting desks.

While spraying these, I also sprayed shields for my Black Knight bus. Up until now they have been running around sans shields. Given I'm claiming the armour save I better put them on.

Three or four months ago there was a lot of the old metal Eternal Guard on Trade Me. There were 25 models which was more than I wanted. I checked the bidders and the leading bid was local Woodie Rex Foote. A couple of emails later and we split the lot. Now the problem with buying Wood Elves is that you have to paint them....well no. I was lucky enough to talk Sam Whitt into painting them to match the existing unit of 19 and now I have 30+ Eternal Guard. Yesterday I started the basing process. For my Woodies I have made a basing mix from raiding the pantry for Mixed Herbs. This is then PVAed, painted and drybrushed before I add Static Grass and the SWM Autumn Fallen Leaves. I'm sure that a unit of 30 EG will become the new filth. Not.

On a roll now, I started making a textured movement tray for my Hexwraith unit. Using the Sarissa tray as a base I've added fences, dirt etc and now it is just waiting for the Static Grass.

So a pretty eventful hobby day with lots of niggly jobs done. Next tasks are the two Sisters and finishing the VC Terrorgheist.


  1. So congratulations, you win the prize for the best smelling woodies.
    I hope Lynn doesn't put leaf scatter in your next Shepherd's Pie

    1. Interestingly the odour doesn't survive the addition of chemicals.

      My Tomb Kings which were dipped in varnish used to smell of pine needles though.