Saturday, November 1, 2014

NZ Masters 2014.....Coming Soon

31 October sees the arbitrary end of the tournament season here in New Zealand, where a line is drawn for Masters qualification.

I have spent a large part of the last week emailing potential invitees to try and construct fields for the various events. The deadline for acceptances is tomorrow evening but the Warhammer Fantasy has crystallised and so I thought I'd list the players here so they can begin their planning.

  • Dan Butler
  • McCrae Louden
  • Sam Whitt
  • Antony Kitson
  • James Brown
  • Jeff Kent
  • Kelly Gragg
  • Greg Greenfield
  • Peter Williamson
  • John Willinbruch
The eagle-eyed amongst you will see that there are only ten players - typically the Masters field is twelve. That is because there were a number that declined their invitation . I fall into that camp preferring to umpire the event rather than play in it. All ten players fall into the Top 16 in the Rankings which means that the competition for the podium should be tight.

So good luck guys, see you in December.


  1. dwarfs boo!!!! However that does look like a very tight field.

  2. How's the 40k field coming along?

    1. Good. Just finalising it now.

      Just a reminder As a courtesy please post your name when leaving a comment.

  3. Im actually curious about who is going to be going to masters for 40k. But then again I think that is because I want to know who I could be playing.

    1. Just confirming the last of them - 40k and FOW - Christian.

      Had one late dropout on 40k side and just working that thru. On FOW Russell sorting out the last possy.

      Should all be sorted by Thursday - has to be, I'm off on holiday.'s easier herding cats.