Tuesday, November 18, 2014

End Times: Elven Big Brother

So the 22nd of November is confirmed for our next instalment of End Times. And this time all is not well in the land of the Elves.

The word coming out of GW is as follows:

Over 6,000 years ago an Elven prince was denied his birthright. Now he seeks to reclaim it. The bloodiest, most tragic war of the End Times is about to begin. Be here on Saturday the 22nd of November to find out more.

They have even released a little video to go with it. Contained within is the secret text:


The flames await the Phoenix but the Dragon stands against him.

More angst than a teenager's Facebook page.


However I try to get the most important page reference - where it says you can add a Frostheart to your Brolock army.


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  1. It's not Malekith's birthright, for two reasons. Firstly, the Phoenix Crown isn't hereditary, secondly, he was rejected as unsuitable by Asuryan. Not by the nobility, not by the people of Ulthuan, but by the big daddy god himself.

    But maybe Asuryan will have a change of heart and decide Malekith is a pretty cool cat after all. We can only hope there'll be a tearful reconciliation scene, with uplifting music and everything.

    Which is all just window dressing around the key question: Can I have my Wild Rider Brolock Legion of Frostheart?