Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here Comes "The Host of the Phoenix King" - Choo Choo

Here are some interesting little titbits from the next White Dwarf:

There is the Host of the Phoenix King which seems to be a combined Asur, Asrai, Druchii army under Malekith and Teclis and the Aestyrion, who are loyal to Tyrion.

There is a third list mentioned but no details given other than: "In Warhammer: Khaine there is, once and for all, an absolute winner in the war for the Phoenix Crown. The third army represents the Elves that survive."


"In a game set during the End Times, Wizards of Level 3 or higher know End Times spells in addition to the other spells that they know. Each different End Times spell can be cast only once per Magic phase and cannot be dispelled if successfully cast (see page 8).

Most End Times spells are extensions of existing Lores of Magic and benefit from the lore attribute of their parent lore in the usual way. Any Wizard who knows the lore in question will also know any End Times spells associated with that lore. Some End Times spells are not associated with any lore (for example, Conjure Arcane Fulcrum) on page 10). These spells can be used by any wizard, unless they state otherwise."

and lots of new models:

The Eternity King
The Avatar of Khaine


Battle Magic: End Times consists of 22 cards (so it would seem that there are quite a few spells).

And finally some story spoilers:

Tyrion draws the Widowmaker, not Malekith.

There's a picture of Malekith, Teclis and the Everqueen at the head of a combined Asur, Asrai and Druchii army. This is 'The Host of the Phoenix King' list.

Malekith is stated as being the sole claimant to the Phoenix Crown and there's a suggestion that Tyrion might actually be the bad guy.

Quick get onboard the train before it leaves town!


  1. So I don't need the 4th peg character anyways that got comped out! Drop a bolt thrower and I get a frosty instead. #ElfLyfe!

    1. this Jeff is why we can't have nice things... :)

  2. I’m not drinking the Kool-aid on this from a fluff perspective. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see..

  3. More importantly, when do Dwarves get Demigryphs and a Steam Tank? You know it's happening.

    1. Dwarfs still get nothing.. as they'd probably moan about it anyway :)

    2. Not true...both them and Dwarf players have my pity.

    3. Who are you and how did you get Pete's account details?

  4. So the elves all high 5 and move on to smashing everyone.

  5. To top it off what is the bet, similar to undead, they'll just roll all the special elf-race specific rules into one...

  6. That screaming sound you can hear is 30 years of canon being smashed and twisted into a new shape.

    Still, progress is always a good thing and all that.

    1. I've note read any of the End times stuff and only catching up now but damn I am getting a tingling feeling of excitement for Warhammer reading the stories I haven't had s nce 4th edition!

      :0 )

    2. That would be the canon that includes Storm of Chaos? Oops!

      Also, it pretty much states we end up with two factions of elf, so not so much unity as a different form of schism. Could be fun for awhile.

  7. "And there was much rejoicing across the elven lands as the noble lords embraced each other for the first time in five millennia. A great cheer rose up as they crowned their new king...

    ASF!! ASF!! ASF!!"