Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vermintide at the Warlords

Today Neil Williamson organised a five round 1200 point event at the Warlords.

This attracted fourteen players including 7 new to the tournament scene.

There seemed to be a good mix of armies there too.

I dropped in to give Neil a 3000 point game to help fill in his umpiring day (battle report to follow). When I left - after three rounds - Hugh Dixon was crushing all before him with Daemons.

I'll post the results once they become available.



  1. Sadly the daemons could not keep up the momentum :( and faded to finish 3rd behind Alan's skaven in 1st and Ryan's wood elves in 2nd

  2. Was an awesome event. Big thanks to Neil for organising it. Fantastic scenarios that were outside the norm and really tested us all.

    Great to see so many new players, hope they enjoyed it and will come back to be regulars.

    Rats took it out in the end, but it was a close run And very lucky thing. Us sneaky vermin will catch up on ya when you least expect it.