Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2015 ETC Comp - The Framework

So the ETC AR Com has been busy and come up with the following framework for Comp at next year's event.

I have copied it below.

They asked Captains a series of questions and have then tried to toe a middle line based on the responses. Unfortunately by doing so they may have created a bit of a mishmash that satisfies nobody.

I personally see a lot of resistance to Scenarios given that they occur post the matchup process which encapsulates a high degree of skill.

Interesting they have decided to exclude the End Times armies. It might be harder to do that as more get released.

Special Characters is interesting. I suspect any mildly useful character will be banned leaving a bunch of characters no one will take. At that point you ask why bother? Better to just ban them all.

Anyway the formulation of the final comp set is going to be an interesting journey.

Ship in the popcorn!!

General Comp

All armies will be 2,400 points

450 point unit size cap

Simple Line of Site will be used

Undead Legions, Legions of Chaos and any armies from further End Times lists will not be used


The following five scenarios will be used with the 20-0 scoring system as described below:-

1: Battle line (normal game)

2: Dawn attack (army general and bsb may both re-roll their deployment rolls)

3: Meeting engagement (no reserve rolls, all units deploy on the board as normal)

4: Blood and glory - 150 vp's for first player break opponent, further 300 vp's if that player remains unbroken.

5: King of the hill - the player that holds the center point of the table at the end of turn 6 receives an additional 300 vp's - to hold this a unit must have fortitude (excluding bsb and General). If Center point is not held closest unit with fortitude gets additional vp's if equidistant then no-one gets them.

Before a game both players secretly pick which scenario they want to play,

Player A then rolls a d6
Roll of 1-2 - the game is played using the scenario player A chose
Roll of 3-4 - the game is played using the scenario player B chose
Roll of 5-6 - the game is played using the battle line scenario
(Note players may select battleline as their choice)


5 Dice Casting Cap will be in effect for all spells
Lore of Death spells will have a 4 dice casting cap in effect
The Lore of Shadow spell Mindrazor will have a 4 dice casting cap in effect
The Lore of Hashut will have a 4 dice casting cap in effect

Lore of undeath will be available to all wizards as follows :
4 dice casting cap
No ethereal units may be raised
Raised units give up victory points

Look out Sir 

Will be allowed against the following spells exact mechanism and number to be determined:

Final Transformation
Dwellers Below
Dreaded 13th

Special Characters

Special Characters will be allowed with some restrictions and will be dealt with after 1st core draft is produced, Special characters from End Times book will not be allowed.

Having settled on the above we are now working on the comp as detailed below.

Comp Approach

A pool comp system will be used where (working values) each army can select 5 choices from a pool of things and may take additional choices at the cost of having 100 points less to select their army from.

TK and VC will be able to use morgheists and morghasts

Beastmen, demons and warriors will be able to use blight kings

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  1. I'm all for the inclusion of scenarios, battle line becomes tiresome and encourages armies with one basic plan to play out. Higher degree of skill and adaptation would be great.

    Interesting that the ET books are barred but the new extra units (sans characters) are allowed.