Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adepticon Here We Come

Tickets for Adepticon 2015 went on sale this afternoon.

I was very nervous as last year was an absolute nightmare in getting it all done - the system freezing two or three times. This year however it was a breeze.

Having experienced the Con this year I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and so had a list of events I wanted to do.

Jack and I have signed up for the Teams Tournament and also for the first of the 1000 point events. I also had a list of seminars I wanted to attend and managed to get all my choices:

  • Painting Skin and Flesh Tones (Mark Soley)
  • Weathering Techniques ( Mr Justin - SWM)
  • Hands on with Weathering Pigments (Mr Justin)
  • Liber Metallica (Dave Taylor)
  • Airbrushing Minis (Mr Justin)
  • Battlefield Terrain (Dave Dresch)

This should leave plenty of time to take in the whole Con experience.


Really pumped after this year. Four solid days of Wargaming nirvana.

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