Sunday, November 2, 2014

Much Needed VC Core

I have 110 Zombies and 80 Crypt Ghouls painted but no Skseleton Warriors. That's now changed as today I finished up a block of 40 to give me more Core options when playing VCs.

This was a refresher project where I picked up some Skellies on Trade Me and some off eBay that had were already painted. The models have had their shields/livery repainted, had washes applied and been rebased to match my army.

I noticed that the Standard Bearer didn't have a head....nor did the body he had on his banner pole. Rather than find a new one, I reckon it give the unit an excuse when it does something unexpected.

So now my Vamp Lord has the option of leaving his "bus" at home and striking out with the hoi polloi if he feels the urge.



  1. Very nice the purple on them


  2. Like the banner idea! very cool!!