Sunday, November 16, 2014

Battle Report - Vampire Counts vs Warriors of Chaos 3000 Points

Yesterday the Warlords hosted Vermintide. Umpiring the event was Neil Williamson and knowing that there is significant downtime, I asked if he'd like a game.

We decided on 3000 points - no Grand Army, no End Times - and decided to roll up a scenario which turned out to be Blood & Glory. I had Fortitude of 7 while Neil had 6.

Vampire Counts

  • Level 3 Blender Lord
  • Level 1 Baby Vamp
  • Wight King BSB with Nightshroud
  • Level 1 Witch
  • Banshee
  • Cairn Wraith
  • 2x 40 Zombies - Stds
  • 40 Skeletons - Std
  • 39 Ghouls
  • 3x 5 Dire Wolves
  • 2x 3 Varghiests
  • 5 Hexwraiths
  • 10 Black Knights
  • Terrorgheist
Warriors of Chaos

  • Galgruch
  • Slaanesh BSB on Daemonic Mount
  • 3 x 5 Slaanesh Marauder Horse - STDs
  • 2x 12 Khorne Forsaken
  • 5 Chaos Hounds
  • Chimera
  • Gorebeast Chariot
  • 2x Chaos Spawn
  • 3 Dragon Ogres
  • Shaggoth
  • Hellcannon
  • 3 Skullcrushers

Neil rolled up Gateway, Blue Fire, Firestorm and Glean Magic while I had Vanhals, Hellish Vigour and 3x Invocation.

Here is the field of battle. The ruined tower is building, the two chapels are Impassable. The near forest was a Fungus Forest while far forest was Ordinary. The hills were, well, hills.

I deployed the Skeletons in the building and built my line from there. I knew Neil had to get at least one Fortitude from the "bus" to break me and I wanted to use it to try and dictate the battle. Hexwraiths are on my far left. My thinking was generally that them and the Vargheists were going to get the Marauder Horse which would break Neil.

Neil spread wide, putting the three Horse units in different parts of the battlefield. He had his Forsaken either side of the Impassable and apart from the Skullcrushers (hiding from my bus) he concentrated his heavy lifters on one side of board.

Vanguards see me pushing up Hexwraiths and wolves. Neil pulls his Horse back into the corner.

On the right, Neil chose to vanguard marginally forward. I decided to refrain thinking I could get a first turn charge.

The Vamps move forward. The Hexwraiths touch up the Forsaken removing 4 of them. Wolves move up in front of dogs. I cast Vanhals on 3 dice - 6,6,6 - and my Level 3 Lord is now the strangely safer Level 0 Mage. This allows the Terrorgheist to move up and scream at the Forsaken who now have 4 models left.

On the right I charge the Horse but quickly learn that I was mistaken thinking they were I3!

The consequences of that mistake leaves the second unit of Wolves exposed.

The effects of Vanhals can be seen. The Hexwraiths have moved through the Forsaken while the scream has reduced their numbers more. The bus threatens.

The Wolves pay the price of not checking stats first.

The Wolves have seen off the Hounds while the Chimera has charged in to the Terrorgheist to stop its scream shenaghians. The Forsaken have blocked the bus. The scaredy Skullcrushers are cowering in the corner.

And the second unit of Wolves meets its demise.

The Varghiest unit has been "Gateway-ed" but is still alive. The second unit of Forsaken move forward.

On the left the other Varghiests have caught the Horse who can't flee as there is no room behind the Skullies. The Terrorgheist survived the Chimera attack, losing only 1 wound. It is about to have that healed and unless it's full effect scream on the low Leadership monster. The bus has hit the Forsaken who survive but break.

In the centre I decide to sacrifice the Hexwraiths to get the second Horse unit. They have to hold - flee takes them off the board - but in the ensuing combat they hold with Standard left. You can see the Wraith has left the Zombies to hold up Neil's approaching right flank (worst case he'll attract some of Galgruch's Magic.

The Wolves have adopted "Operation Sacrificial Lamb" while the scream accounted for the Chimera.

The bus pursues and captures the fleeing Forsaken.

Here's a shot of the right flank at the start of Neil's Turn 2 - yeah I know pretty advanced already.

The second Forsaken hit the Ghoul Horde. They roll Poison for their mutation which when coupled with Frenzy and Hatred spells big trouble for the flesh eaters.

And so it proves. Twelve are killed, I lose by eight reducing the block to 10. This will be raised back up 18 in my Turn 3 magic phase.

Galgruch survives a Dimensional Cascade which would have been Game Over.

My Terrorgheist and the bus move up to threaten Mr. BSB if he dies then Neil breaks. I scream and he survives on one wound.

Galgrugh's two heads decide that after surviving magical oblivion, now would be a good time to have an argument.

The BSB charges the Terrorgheist looking to kill him before he can scream again. Unfortunately for Neil he survives.

The Forsaken have killed of the Ghouls and are now facing up against Zombies.

This is the top of my Turn 4. The bus has charged a spawn and that will allow a nice overrun into Galgruch's flank. Meanwhile my Wraith charges the Shaggoth.

The Terrorghiest screams off the BSB winning the game for the Vamps. The Wraith also forces the Shaggoth to break but he manages to get away.
The Bus is now in the flank of Galgruch. The Gorebeast chariot will charge the flank of the Terrorghiest while the Skullcrushers charge its front. Not surprisingly, and no doubt shaggedout from a long squawk, it dies.

The Gorebeast charge has allowed the Dragon Ogres to countercharge the bus to help out the Dragon. However the Nightshroud stymies Galgruch allowing him to be killed before he can unleash his bag of dirty tricks.

The Dragon Ogres are on Snake Eyes to hold vs the bus and break. They manage to get away and we call the game there.






























  1. Nice game. That TGheist lived a charmed life. That Chimera should have eaten it alive! (or dead) :)

    1. I did have Vanhals on it but I think Neil should have used his breath weapon on it in combat. In the end it only took the single wound :-)

    2. I'd have thought so too Sam. In fact I just rerolled it to make sure and I got 4 wounds for none, which would have popped it.
      I felt the breath weapon was better used elsewhere LOL as its only S4.

    3. Could've, Should've, Would've.....Didn't!

    4. It must have ben one of those 1:50 games that come up about every 1:5 for me.