Thursday, November 27, 2014

End Times Magic Items

There has been a debate "raging" on various forums as to whether characters who are part of End Times armies can take Magic Items from their parent books.

The argument against is that in those books it says something to the tune of (paraphrased) "Characters in a Beastmen/Warriors/Tomb Kings/etc army can take Magic Items from the following list". As they are now not part of that parent army they have no access to the items.

So a RAW argument which may or may not have been the intent.

However one entry in the upcoming Khaine book made me prick up my ears:

"If your army includes Imrik, Crown Prince of Calador, no other character in your army can have the star lance Magic Weapon from Warhammer Armies: High Elves"

-End Times: Khaine

That seems to me to indicate that the intent is that characters can access items in their parent book - otherwise why mention it?

I'm erring on the side of - like Supporting Attacks and Predatory Fighter - the intent outweighs the RAW. I guess we need an FAQ but I'm not holding my breath.

And no Dark Elfies, that doesn't mean your Masters can take the Star Lance!


  1. It's just exhausting that GW can't write a coherent set of rules and then can't be bothered to answer questions about said rules..

    1. It's funny, because the way I see it is GW facepalming that the expectation is that they need to spell things out in this manner just so grown ups don't argue about stuff that can be settled in an easy with a quick conversation.

      Not to say they couldn't set some things out much clearer, I just don't think this was one of those things.

    2. I'm with Leon on this. I doubt very much there'd be an FAQ reply on this and from what I have seen those who seem to be saying "you can't" are the nit-picky types who's posts always make me roll my eyes anyway *cough trolls*.

      Good point though Jeffrey. Model Company remember? ;)

    3. Yeah, that model company that released so many models with End Times 3 ;)....

    4. As the new lists asll state in the opening section that the units are to be selected with their options and upgrades from their book i never saw any dispute possibly arising about whether they can use their army magic items or not. honestly in my experience so far its been people who forgot to make an End Times compatible list and wnt to hobble the ones that did that seem to bring this up at events.