Friday, November 21, 2014

What A Ride!!!!

I was sitting here this morning thinking what an amazing last two months we've had in the Warhammer World.

To say everything has changed would be about as big a statement as "Margaret Thatcher was unpopular with Miners".

It has been a real roller coaster ride with twists and turns coming on a weekly, if not daily basis.
And the "scary" thing is that we don't know where it all ends!

Looking back at the last few months let's look at some of these changes.

It all started with rumours of 9th Edition being released in September. We didn't get that and instead got what was termed an "Expansion".
  • The Nagash book hit and nobody really knew how to treat it. We're these new rules? Was it a toolbox? Was the combined list overpowered?
  • Fantastic new models, especially the Mortarchs - but every one - Nagash, Morghasts, Spirit Hosts - were a hit.
  • These brought new rules e.g. the combined profile and what was that a harbinger for as well as the controversial 50% Lords / 50% Heroes rule. Was this just for End Times or all Warhammer.
  • Coming with these was a serious advancement in the storyline - in particular the framing of the conflict being one of Chaos vs. Order. This reset all the old alliances and enmities.
  • Characters could die! Everyone suddenly had their favourite character death - mine was Thorek (though I note we haven't seen the body). Old characters were breathed with new personality. I really liked Arkhan and enjoyed his tormenting of Mannfred.
And just as we were digesting all the Nagash info, Games Workshop dropped the FAQ bomb.
Suddenly it was truly a Brave New World.

Nagash was quickly - even by GW's more recent history - followed by Glottkin and the changes kept coming.
  • More new models - for me the only miss was Gutrot - and another twist of the power level. While a lot of players - especially some vocal TK players - could live with the Undead Legion suddenly for a lot of people a combined Legion of Chaos was a scary thought.
  • Beastmen received marks and suddenly came back into play - I dug out my Pestigors which now sit expectantly on the painting table.
  • The story continued to move on. Characters died and came back and the Empire was truly up shit creek.
  • And if Nagash was scary.....dum, dum, dum.....enter KFC
While we were catching our breath - and much sooner than anybody thought - Khaine is entering the arrival lounge. And what an entrance this appears to be!
  • Everything that we've been told about the Elves is a lie. Malekith has truly been maligned rather than just being a very naughty boy. And Tyrion is the bad guy.
  • The army lists appear to be redrawn so the "guys who really love the aesthetics of the Elves" can add Brolocks to their Frostheart aviary (or vice versa).
  • And then yesterday's revelations that Magic may have indeed gone batshit crazy. New spells, Winds of Magic increased to 4D6 and every wizard a Loremaster.
There's an old Chinese proverb "May you live in interesting times". No-one is ever sure if it is a curse or a blessing.

For Warhammer those lines may be greyer than ever for some people.

For me, well I'm excited.


  1. I can't say that I'm excited, partly because I think GW are over-egging the omlette. The whole storyline is dialed up to 11, and while I like me a good apocalypse, this one seems to get more apocalyptic with every new book.

    At this stage, the last book will have a vampire Tyrannosaur Daemon playing a flaming Fender Stratocaster while surfing a warpstone asteroid as it smashes into the heart of Altdorf, and obliterates the entire world.

    I can only hope he's playing 'Bark At The Moon' while he does it.

    1. Just think of it as "Peak warhammer" Tane...not as bad as you think :-)

    2. pretty sure that is EXACTLY what is going to happen! Great call Tane - Great Prophet of the Bearded Ones! You speak in volumes of Truth! Tho' pretty sure that asteroid is gonna land somewhere else...


  2. As sceptic as I was initially, I think it a great breath of fresh (or gloriusly nurgly rancid, if you prefer) air for the game, and it may just revitalise the fun element that oft has seemed missing from the game for me. As long as you can afford it. Or proxy models. What it means for tournament meta though, is another subject all together. And it seems you do not necessarily have to fork out a massive amount just to partake. I do agree with Tane about the fluff now getting a bit ludicrous, and long-held factions and truths about the Warhammer world. If it is a Dark Elf he will be embracing his long-lost brother from Caledor and playing "Stairway to Heaven."