Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back from Holiday

Okay, so I'm back from a week's holiday in Fiji.

Things should now get back to normal - internet coverage was very limited - an the posts should recommence.

I took the opportunity to read the Glottkin book while I was away and the End Times background continues to inspire me.

This weekend I intend to prime and start painting some bare metal Pestigors I have in the cupboard.

Putting aside the Chaos Ascendant material, the actual rules look okay. I have concerns from a balance point of view melding WoC, DoC and Beastmen but I'm not sure it's insurmountable (especially if you mono-God it). As Raffazza said on a recent Bad Dice podcast "At least it is not broken in a Dark Elf kind of way".

I really like the way that GW is moving the story arc forward and surprisingly aren't as averse to the consolidation of races as I thought that I'd be. I can certainly see that tournament organisers will have balance issues but they have that with the release of any new book.


  1. I'm stripping 10 Pestigors at the moment. Need to get my hands on more.

    1. totally sounds perverted!

    2. I have a unit of 25 painted so am adding another 15!

  2. The thing about consolidating races, it dosn't stop you from just using your preferred race out of the list. I can see an opportunity to give mono race some bonuses if it turns out all races are amalgamated in some fashion or another, that is if balance is even required.
    Or it could just be viewed as allies WHFB style, learning from the mistakes of 40k

  3. Welcome back.... to the end times!