Friday, November 28, 2014

End Times: Subterranean?

So what if the 4th End Times books continues the style of the first three?

"Faced with the ongoing battle between Chaos and Order and the likelihood of fallout into their realms, the Warlords of the Gobi, Dawi and Underempire put centuries of conflict behind them."

"End Times:Subterranean gives you rules to combine the three races that inhabit the warrens and holds of the World's Edge Mountains. Why? Well for no reason other than we don't know how to combine them otherwise and they are all short and live underground."

I think this would be a brilliant ploy. First of all from a hobby point of view you wouldn't need to paint so many Skavenslaves - you can just use Dwarf Warriors/Longbeards/Hammerers as slaves. I'd also quite fancy adding Fanatics to my Slave units and who knows it might make an otherwise underpowered unit useable.

Over time then GW could retire the Dwarfs as the Skaven and Gobi assimilate and improve on the Dawi warmachines.

I have seen the way forward and I like it!


  1. I fully support and endorse this concept. I'd love to have gutter runners and Mangler squigs in my Dwarf Army.

    And the fluff even works, the Dwarves have enslaved all the Skaven and run them in units of 50 to tarpit the enemy while the Gyros steamgun them to death.

    1. Symptomatic dwarf imagination.

      That army has already been done.....and we know it's #notarealarmy

      Suspect within the new Wider Underreich those gyrocoptors will have to be modified for random movement

    2. I always wanted a pet rat. Now I might be able to get them in units of 50.

    3. I agree Tane,

      Obviously the Dwarfs enslave the skaven and greenskins and send them out to fight for them.
      This will be represented by skaven and greenskin warmachines getting rune enhancements and the occasional runesmith being see amongst the hordes or skaven and greenskins, while the rest of dwarves sit back in their holds, mine and drink plenty of ale.

    4. Thinking like that is what made Dwarfs a fading race.......

    5. Just think what Dwarf runesmiths and Skaven engineers could do to the Doomdiver;

      S5 large template (S10 d6 wounds under the hole), reroll misfires/scatter dice, self-guiding (reduce scatter d6).... What a thing of beauty. Probably only 80 points each

      Abominations with gromril rune armour (4+ armour, 2+ ward vs flaming)

      Fanatics with explosive vests

      Irondrakes with four 15 point engineer speedbumps while they pump S5 AP shots into the enemy.

      I can see how the fluff plays out too; Gobbos on the bottom as the cheap labour and cannon-fodder, Skaven as the overseers and semi-skilled labour, Dwarves on top as the lords and masters.

      I'm sold on it. GW just needs to make it happen now.

  2. I like the idea of the skaven warlock engineers getting together with the dwarf engineers guild...

    Soon we will have cannons that are:
    - magic
    - flaming
    - reroll misfire
    - S10
    - 35pts each
    - Special choice, purchased in units of 3

  3. Basing my precedent solely in stuff from about two decades ago, there was the Underworld Creepers Bloodbowl team which combined Skaven and Goblins. GW has been going back and resurrecting some of that old stuff, see Nagash, so a Skaven/Goblin combined army isn't actually inconceivable! Just in the Bloodbowl universe.

  4. Sarcastic negativity? No way! Who saw that coming?
    Imagine a company everyone moans about because they dont change anything.. then.. out of no where.. they change everything! Oh no! You bastards!
    We dont want old.. we dont want new.. We want 'Right in the middle' and you better perfect it or else!!
    Imagine a release no one could complain about... then picture everyone else hating it. Mindblowing huh....

    On a side note: cool blog, cool piks, great to see the nz gaming scene in action. First time 'commenter' (probably last) and love to see the banter of those beings of ultimate unhapiness.

    Take care guys.


    1. Negative? Unhappy? Really?

      You obviously missed the post earlier in the week

      This post was a bit of "fun". Surprised it was taken as anything but that.

      In general this blog is generally positive and certainly in terms of the End Times fluff - very much so. Re the rules it has definitely been a wait and see approach - especially in how this all relates to the tournament scene.

      So Brennan, I don't agree with your assessment that there is a negative tone. But I'm glad you enjoy the pics.

  5. It's coming...and it's gonna be grim!

    1. And dark too. It'll definitely be both grim and dark.