Monday, November 17, 2014

Vermintide Results

The Vermintide event organised by Neil Williamson on Saturday attracted fourteen players - half of them attending their first tournament.

It was played with 1200 point armies over five rounds using scenarios that Neil developed for the event.

Here are the results:

Congrats to Alan Hughes on his first tournament win and Ryan and Hugh for podiuming. Nice to see Tane in the traditional JvdVL position.

As I understand it, Hagen Kerr won Best Presented for his Lizards - featuring an Oldblood on Carnosaur.

And Peter Williamson? What sort of form is that going into the Masters??!!??


  1. Peter W is luring everyone into a false sense of security going in :)

    Although coming 8th with TK in a non ETC event should probably be considered a good result.

  2. He was just a little Scar-Vet, not an Old Blood :-).

    Never again at 1200 that's for sure though...

  3. Turns out spearelves aren't the new filth after all.

    Back to the drawing board.

    1. Take skaven or anything with MoN Tane, that's all you need to do ;-)