Sunday, February 1, 2015

Skaven Warlitter

I've had the Mierce Darklands Vermkin Warlord and while watching cricket, league and football over the weekend I decided I'd paint him up.

He is quite a big model - in Skaven terms - and so was never going to fit on a 20mm square base. I therefore decided to make him mounted on a Warlitter (40mm x 40mm).

I wanted him to be quite fithly and gritty.

Having read Thanquol and The Rise of the Horned Rat I was aware that the Warlord Clans didn't like the Clan Scruten (Grey Seers). Therefore I decided to make the litter out of a Wheel from a Screaming Bell. It's quite simple but I expect that Warlords aren't going to be driven by aesthetics.
He being borne by three minions. I used Clanrats to carry him rather than Stormvermin models as they are more hunched over and suffering.

Next on the table is Skarsnik and Gobbla and then I have a terrain project I want to get going.



  1. Loving it Pete. One of the best models I think I have seen you showcase on here painting wise.

  2. Riding round on a shield like that makes him look almost Dwarven, Pete.
    Say it ain't so...

    1. He's raising his middle digit at the Dwarfs

  3. Looks great. The bigger model is what you'd expect from a Warlord, who didn't rise to the top because of his good looks and charm. Sucks to be a bearer.....