Sunday, February 1, 2015

Skaven Warlitter

I've had the Mierce Darklands Vermkin Warlord and while watching cricket, league and football over the weekend I decided I'd paint him up.

He is quite a big model - in Skaven terms - and so was never going to fit on a 20mm square base. I therefore decided to make him mounted on a Warlitter (40mm x 40mm).

I wanted him to be quite fithly and gritty.

Having read Thanquol and The Rise of the Horned Rat I was aware that the Warlord Clans didn't like the Clan Scruten (Grey Seers). Therefore I decided to make the litter out of a Wheel from a Screaming Bell. It's quite simple but I expect that Warlords aren't going to be driven by aesthetics.
He being borne by three minions. I used Clanrats to carry him rather than Stormvermin models as they are more hunched over and suffering.

Next on the table is Skarsnik and Gobbla and then I have a terrain project I want to get going.



  1. Loving it Pete. One of the best models I think I have seen you showcase on here painting wise.

  2. Riding round on a shield like that makes him look almost Dwarven, Pete.
    Say it ain't so...

  3. Looks great. The bigger model is what you'd expect from a Warlord, who didn't rise to the top because of his good looks and charm. Sucks to be a bearer.....