Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Strap Yourself In

Call me a GW Fanboi (and yes obvious troll is obvious) but I am really excited with what I have seen from the pics of End Times V.
The whole End Times for me has been about the story – the fluff progression – and some of the revealed “forces” are intriguing from that point of view. I want to know if The Nameless has turned on Vlad, digging up his missus and throwing his hand in with Nurgle. Similarly I want to know who Drycha is siding with. She gave up the Elf Princess used in the summoning of Nagash and now Tyrion is back (Boo Hiss) I’m keen to know if he’s out for retribution (face it, he’s got nothing left).
The possibility of seeing the carnage unleashed by a mono-Khorne force led by three Bloodthirsters will be glorious but I’m hoping it is against the remnants of the Empire or Elves rather than the Undead. We also get to see Vlad and Mannfred together again and the interactions between them in the first book was one of my highlights. There’s also a strong chance that the Slayer King is dead as he seemed the obvious candidate for Fire Incarnate but appears to be bumped from The avengers playlist.
From a gaming point of view I am hoping that army comp is handled through some tightly scripted Battlescrolls rather than the Pic’n’Mix abomination that is Host of the Eternity King.
And finally I’m going to enjoy Thanquol finally getting on the Council and the Skaven kicking back and enjoying the world they have won.


  1. Happy to see how it all falls out. Only thing that has got me interested in GW again. Also happy to see the Harlequins back as well.

    GW doing some good things.

    Dave Kinsey

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing it all resolved, just to see how 9th edition might pan out.

    I suspect that Chaos and Skaven will be just about to conquer the world (what's left) when it gets destroyed. Probably by some hilarious Skaven hi-jinks as they accidently hit the big red button on their 'Blow-Smash the World-Globe' machine, just as they're celebrating their world conquest.

    It would be nice to see the White Dwarf get off his chuff and do something. Most other special characters seem to be getting a run. I do hope GW remember the definitive Warhammer character (well, maybe second to Sigmar), the one they named their magazine after and who has been their emblem for 30 years.

    It would be nice to see Gotrek and Felix turn up too. I think Gotrek's time has come, surely he won't survive till it all becomes Bubble Worlds. Hopefully there's a bloodthirster or two that might get spanked first though.

    My final thought is I think GW will miss a trick if they don't have Grimgor and Skarsnick as the avatars of Gork and Mork. A source of power that sits outside Chaos and the 8 winds of magic, and they're not doing anything? It would be a shame if that's not explored.

    Roll on ET: Archaon, I can't wait to read all the spoilers.

  3. It seems like Caradryan is the new fire incarnate as he can be seen on the avengers team photo in your previous post.


  4. Tane, Grimgor is apparently the Avatar of beast magic and they have confirmed Gotrek is finally going to meet his doom, they are doing a 2 part book series for it from Black Library and I have already read part 1. Worth a read and also good background fluff story for the wider End Times events.

    1. Is that Kinslayer and another book? As much as I like Gotrek, it's probably time that storyline got wrapped up. It'll be interesting to see how he goes.

      As for Grimgor, I know he's the Incarnate of Beasts, but it just seems wrong to me; Avatar of Gork seems far more fitting, with Skarsnik as the Avatar of Mork. I guess it comes down to how prominent OnG are in the new edition.