Tuesday, February 10, 2015

End Times V: Next Weekend

It seems pretty clear that we can expect pre-orders for End Times V to go up in the next few days. Looks like it will be next weekend,  following the completion of Harlequin releases.
Starting to see leaks of pics of the models (see yesterday's post) and today we have some book shots confirming new units and rehash of existing characters.
These guys appear to have the requisite number of skulls to be a Khorne unit. They appear to be Monstrous Infantry, cost 55 points each have Flails, Chaos Armour and Marks of Khorne. They come in units of 5+ so not a cheap choice. I suspect that they are a Rare choice so they face plenty of competition for their spots.
These guys are Blightking equivalents so Infantry on 40mm bases. Armed with two handed weapon giving +1 Str Magical Attacks. Also have Mark of Khorne, Chaos Armour and again unit size of 5+. I'm guessing they are a Special Choice.
The man (Orc) a lot of people have been waiting to see. His headbutt won Storm of Chaos but I suspect Archaon is ready for it this time given he's had ten years to stew.
And another Ascendant. The incantation of Metal no doubt.


  1. I wonder who Balthasar will side with as he has taken up Necromancy and is being hunted by the Witch Hunters.

  2. Please let there be a better Balthasar model, as it appears that they've kept the dated (and by today's standard) unimaginative Archaon model (Compared to Nagash and Glottkin). The old BG model was just Ugh! Could never get myself to buy it, and would never have afforded to field it in standard games anyway. Looks like the Skullreapers and Wrathmonger will be alternate builds of same kit (?)