Thursday, February 26, 2015

NZTC This Weekend

This weekend is the New Zealand Teams Championship for WHFB. With over 50 people attending this will likely be the largest Fantasy event of the year here in NZ.

As it stands there are twelve teams competing for the Championship - down on the 16 teams who attended last year. The drop in numbers is a little disappointing but reflects a number of last year's attendees rage-quitting in response to the End Times, rumours of 9th Ed, GW's pricing policies - take your pick.

Even with a lower attendance I'm picking that the participants will have a lot of fun. The teams concept is a great vehicle for the social aspect of the hobby - and of course there is always someone else to blame for poor performance.

I want to give a big thanks to Tim Joss not only for giving up his weekend but also for flying up from Invercargill to umpire the event. Every event needs an umpire and because of Tim's efforts 50+ gamers get to have some fun.

Given this meeting of gamers, I've taken the opportunity to organise a Bring & Buy and any locals are welcome to come and check it out and also have a look at the games at the same time.

Looking forward to a great weekend


  1. Where is it being held? Competitive tournaments aren't really my bag but it's always good to watch armies being trundled around table tops.