Tuesday, February 10, 2015

South Coast GT Players Pack

The UK's largest WHFB tournament is the South Coast GT. It is held in April each year and attracts between 150-200 gamers.

They have just released the Players Pack for the 2015 event which you can download here

The pack continues their use of a pool system for choices which then impact aspects of the game. It is an interesting concept though I wonder how much it dissuades the really hard hard lists.

I'm sufficiently interested in the system that I may look at trying it out at a HomeCon in April.

The TOs should be applauded for creating something innovative. Whether it addresses the twin issues of comp and incorporation of the End Times remains to be seen. Generally all comp systems - particularly at the outset - just move the goal posts and gamers will move to the strongest/most efficient choices under the system. It will be interesting to see what happens here. With such a big field the draw will have a big influence in what transpires. The match ups you get (and can avoid) will be key to the outcome.


  1. I appreciate the ruling and statement for painting requirements "Skill is not everything, effort is". Very apt. Also an easy to understand ruling on proxies vs. alternative models.

    The tournament points system is an intriguing concept.

    Was there any explanation to why they did not allow Khaine magic?

    Encouraging comment in the comp section about trying to keep out net lists, and get people to be innovative in their list builds.

    I really like the set of missions, looks like it could add a serious amount of fun to a tournament.

    Very tidy scenario set up, coupled with the mission bit, looks really cool and fresh.

    The Yellow/Red card system for sportsmanship sounds like a fair way to avoid poor behaviour, especially with a 20pt penalty to tournament points. Ouch!

    The method for penalising slow play, have you seen that before Pete?

    On the whole, a very tidy players pack.

    - Adam Richards

  2. I'd like to play this at a local tournament.

    I like that you can take what you like, but with a limit on hard choices. And taking those hard choices has game effecting consequences, such as having a revealed mission and probably losing side choice and first turn.

    I also like the hobby community aspect with rewards given for helping out the tournament organiser and painting your terrain and army to a clear standard, and clear penalties for not meeting those standards. No bottles or insects or "they all fell in a tarpit" armies here!

    Pools do let you bring a wider choice as opposed to hard caps. For example, a few years back the hard caps meant every skaven army had a hellpit, a doomwheel and a cannon as you couldn't take any other combinations. A pool still gives guidance without overly restricting.


  3. I like the idea of this.
    In effect I think it is similar to Swedish but has the advantage of being simpler and not penalising multiple choices, sizes of units, themed lists etc. Swedish is all negative whereas this has a mix of positive (soft) and negative (power).
    It should allow the creation of more varied lists.

    However, I do think that the consequences of the comp score are insufficient to encourage players to try substantially different lists. An army scoring 10 has no extra benefits than an army scoring 5 when up against the hard armies of scores 0 to 2. So is there an incentive to go this soft? Does choosing the order of deployment, 1st turn, vanguards, scouts, fully compensate a soft army?

    To gain points you need a marginal victory, break fortitude, not lose fortitude, win a scenario challenge so is a soft army, armed only with deployment advantages and an insight into the opponents challenge really positioning themselves for an even chance?
    Well without trying it out with a variety of army comps we won't know, but somehow I don't think it will encourage the variety as it stands.
    I think the majority of competitive players would still opt for the hardest most efficient lists they can create under the system as there is insufficient incentive to do otherwise.
    I think the system needs more reward for softer armies.

    For your useless information my NZTC list scores a 5.


  4. And the other team members score a 3 ; 2 ; and 1
    There you go - all our secrets are out.


  5. Ha Ha Neil.......the von Trapps have a total of -17

  6. Replies
    1. We'll know tonight. I'm playing Mr Kerr. I intend to crush him mercilessly

    2. Your victory will be meaningless.
      Hagen will deliberately let you win whilst seeming to put up a solid fight.
      All the time his skink spies will be reporting back to the mother spaceship on your strengths and weaknesses and your tactics ready for when it really counts.


    3. Still cleaning lizard off the bottom of my feet