Monday, February 23, 2015

Winning List From US Masters - Tomb Kings

The US Masters were run over the weekend using Swedish Comp (not sure range).

The winning list was:

Liche High Priest, L4 Nehekhara, Dispel Scroll
Liche High Priest, L4 Undeath, Scroll of Shielding
Tomb King, GW, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse

Tomb Herald BSB, Charmed Shield, MR3 Token

18 Archers, Command
18 Archers, Command
16 Archers, Armour, Command
5 Horse Archers
5 Horse Archers
5 Horse Archers

40 Tomb Guard, Command, Halberds, Razor Standard


Apparently the play method was to summon Ethereals using the Lore of Undeath to block up the enemy and then shoot them off.

Good on the guy for winning with an unfashionable but OMG what is Joe Sleboda going to say now?

Cue the Comphammer now hitting the Lore of Undeath

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