Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warhammer Visions - Subscription Rates

I received my resubscription notice for Warhammer Visions earlier this week. They told me that my subscription ran out with Issue 14 and that to continue to receive it, I would need to give them some more money.

Now I'm wondering how many people have received these since the move to Visions and more importantly how many have provided their credit card details. My sub has been a legacy of the old White Dwarf subscription that was then extended for an additional two years because I complained about the change in product offering, terms and conditions with the re-boot before this. So it's far to say that I'm now at the stage where White Dwarf and I owe each other nothing.

The question then becomes whether I resubscribe. Given the last six issues are sitting unread beside my bed, you don't have to be Einstein to guess it's likely to be "no".

I used to love "White Dwarf". From 2003-2008 I had both the UK and Asia-Pacific versions via sub. When they rationalised the product I became less enthusiastic and then with each subsequent re-boot - 2012 (new size - good initially then rapidly declined) and the 2014 move to WD Weekly and Visions - ultimately disinterested. I purchased the first 40 odd WDW but gave it away after ET:Khaine and since then have only bought the Thanquol ones.

The reason is that there is little "thought content" in either of the current iterations. Rather they are very visual and reinforce the line GW now sees its customers as "collectors" rather than gamers. This is particularly true with Visions. It has beautiful pictures of armies, new releases and Golden Daemon entries in it but being realistic these are only one click away on the interwebz thingy. I'm not sure it is a sustainable business model for a magazine long term and that where my interest in the process lies. I wondering how many people have resubscribed to Visions?

I'd guess it is significantly less than 100% and that new subscribers are not making up the slack. Sure it is only supposition on my part but I'd like to think I've read this right.

If I am correct then where do we go from here? I always had the view that Visions was just a vehicle to fulfil existing WD subscription obligations and once they roll off then it will fold. But what if it's not? What if it is reflective of GW's New World View of "collectors" versus "gamers"? I guess subscription numbers will give them a clue to how correct they are.

Watch this space.


  1. The whole concept of these split weekly magazines.. I pretty much stopped right there. Quite possibly the worst publication idea I've ever heard in near 20 years of Desktop publishing. Only loyalty to an old coffee table friend has me do a double take when thinking about buying one. Still haven't though.

    If anything GW should throw all their effort into web based materials and content. Most gamers are massive consumers of content online, it would match the style of engagement and anything printed is a quarterly collectible for example. Either way, the White Dwarf didn't die in a glorious last stand, he stumbled into the corner of the Inn and rambled away like Father Jack Hackett, drowning himself in cheap ale, sprouting ravings a far cry from glorious days past.

  2. My sub expired in November and I have been buying them *manually ever since. I am still considering a new subscription, as I struggle to see the relevance of it (since a lot of the interesting pics/models from WDW end up in it anyway).

    And while I am glad they show a broad skills range of people's painted models, some of them are awful - it's supposed to be a showcase of something to aspire to (IMO).

    Some of the Armies of the Month are pretty impressive, that's my favourite bit. But is that a reason to continue...?

  3. I have been buying WD since issue 142. My Sub expired in Jan and I havn't looked back. There is an extra £7 in my bank account and more painted models on my collection. I don't need a £7 per month collecting aid. I still buy weekly when it's interesting to me. It is a shame as Gw has people with access to thing we don't have, working full time, producing lower word count and less exciting content than you get online for free. WD could be awesome but it's just model horn with a capital P. Sorry Jes you know I think the world of you and your nids. Ben

  4. I didn't even get a subscription reminder. It just stopped. I have not chased it.

    My subscription to wargames illustrated also stopped without a resubscription offer. So its not only GW that ignores existing customers in the chase to get new ones.