Monday, February 9, 2015

Realm of Battle Mega Board

I own a couple of ROB Gameboards plus two extra tiles. The two spare tiles have been unpainted for about three years while one of the two boards was first Chaos Wastes then Desert themed.

My main board is a fully flocked Grassy Plain and I decided that I would convert the eight other tiles to the same theme. There were a couple of reasons for this. First, it allows me to have a 14' x 4' table for large multiplayer games. Second, it allows more variety in table set up for other games.

So on Saturday I set about converting the eight tiles to fully flocked. If you are going to do this I recommend that you buy one of the Citadel Scenery Kits as this is the best way to buy good quality static grass in bulk. It has a 200g bag of Grass which is equivalent to eight of the GW static grass packs. You also get 25g of the lighter Glade Grass static grass.

I didn't use the GW Calthan Brown instead preferring to use the Resene test pot "Creole" which I use on all my model bases. I used a grey spray to base the rocky outcrops over this base (itself on a flat black primer). After the necessary drydrushing of the rocks I started flocking.

I use thick PVA and then apply the static grass using an electrostatic shaker. This gives a thick covering but also ensures that the grass stands up.

You need to wait a couple of hours and then you can shake off excess. I will then leave it for 24-48 hours and giving it time to dry before giving it a final shake.

Looking forward to getting a few games using the full table over the coming months.


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