Monday, February 2, 2015

Mierce Miniatures' Bane Beast Kickstarter - 7 Days to Go

The latest Mierce Kickstarter has 7 days to go. As you might remember from the initial post this was aimed at taking some of their Darklands range and converting them for a Fanyasy setting.

So far I'm going to say that I am pretty underwhelmed with the offering. I don't say that lightly as I generally love the Mierce sculpts. What I think is the issue here is that they lack the "Wow" value as for 80% of the models we've already seen the model. That means that they aren't new.

My other concern is that the riders that they have shown for the various models seem a little clunky and the level of detail represented seems more akin to GW 15 years ago. Now this may just be the concept art. On top of this some things just don't work IMO - the Rat Beast with Warpfire Throwers in their mouths would test the ingenuity of even Clan Skyre.

I do like the Master Moulder Rat figure and will look to pick that up. The attraction is twofold - first it is Skaven and second it is a brand new sculpt. I am waiting to see what we get in the last week....the Shaggoth holds appeal. The Mierce Plague Daemon suffers greatly in comparison to the Creature Caster offering however you can balance that with the knowledge that you won't have to suffer the delays - Mierce are get on meeting Kickstarter delivery deadlines.

the Kickstarter is being pimped pretty heavily on various podcasts at the moment. Tim Fisher - the brains behind this offering - comes across as a really likeable character in the interviews he's done. I'm hoping that we'll see something truly startling in the last week.


  1. Yup. Underwhelming. They appear to just be using Kickstarter as a retail tool now rather than what its for. Nothing in this release that they could not have done through normal channels.
    To me it just appears to be a money grab for a little effort.

  2. The last week has been massively underwhelming on this despite all the pimping on The Black Sun and the like. I'm not sure that the vanity projects for podcast hosts hit the vein they thought that they were going to.

    Some of the sculpts they have offered as part of this - Warlock, Plague priest, dark Elf dragon have not reached the standard of previous Mierce work.