Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Armies of End Times V

A Chinese site has posted images from the upcoming End Times V.

I've grabbed the ones that show some of the forces that feature in the story.

Obviously Khorne features heavily in the story and you can see they put together some "skulltastic" armies.

A second Khorne force.

The Avengers Warhammer style. Sad to see Tyrion survived. Wonder if he was picked up in a Dwarfen submarine or by a Black Ark.

A serious collection of dead guys. Nice to see that the von Carsteins have kissed and made up.

Perhaps the most interesting team up....Drycha and the Dark Elves with Be'lakor in tow.

The Wood Elves seem to be working alone. Perhaps they don't like their new neighbours after all. Probably the noisy parties.

Vilitch was sent to do a job by Archaon. We'll see how he got on.

Another really interesting one. Isabella, The Nameless and Nurgle. Vlad better get her checked out before he gets too close.

And one of my favourites....Sigvald. This boy is more than a sandwich short of a picnic.

What I like about these screenshots is that on the right it looks like full descriptions of the force - these look like they allude to specific Battlescrolls though - so in keeping with Thanquol.


  1. Looking good, will get the series when they are done in softcover I think and are more readily available.

    Dave Kinsey

  2. Interesting. So the nameless, once enthralled to Vlad, has let his Mrs out to play without him, teaming up with the remnants of Nurgle.
    Spoiler: The legion of Flame fails, Fateweaver already told Archaon that.

  3. Will be interesting to see if The Nameless ends up being Constant Drachefels, like folks are speculating. Old School RPG villain - seems to match up to what we've seen of the Nameless in the End Times so far. If so, he's real old - pre-Lizardmen.

  4. Yes,yes, yes. Bring it on. New life in the old game! Very interesting times indeed. Agree with Dave, softcover or electronic seems to be the best option price-wise. (If you haven't noticed I have recovered from my sticker shock) What will 9th ed bring?

    1. I've got them all so far on iPad - great and half the price of physical (strange cos in UK they are only 10% less).

      Did buy the hardcopy Thanquol after reading ipad version - enjoyed it so much and it is full of ratty goodness

    2. Hardcovers are only about $20 more than softcover

    3. There is just something about holding the book in your hand though... Had a look at the other photos: No new Balthasar or Archaon by looks of things. I've also wondered about ol' Drachenfels...

  5. Interesting to see that Tyrion somehow survived and makes the avengers, but Teclis who was supposedly the incarnate of Life didn't survive or make the squad :( of course neither did the slayer king who is the incarnate of Fire

    1. Teclis had Light, but it was in his staff rather than his person. Having pinched the flame of Ulric from Middenheim (I understand it is/was a Light magic thingamajig) he appears to have passed these onto Tyrion, probably as part of the resurrection.

      Teclis don't need no Wind, he's Teclis.

      Ungrim might have paid the price for having an arse-ugly Finecast model from the early nineties.

    2. Seriously hope all Dwarf infantry units are 5-10 models in 9th Edn to represent fluff - except for Slayers wher you must have 20-30 and Bugman's rangers who are exactly 27.

    3. As long as they automatically kill all Skaven in base-to-base to represent the battles in Thanquol, then sure.