Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stormfiend Conversions WIP

I purchased a box of the new Stormfiends when they were released. While I was waiting for them to arrive I realised that the sprues only gave you the ability to kit one out with Ratling Cannons.

So I knew there would need to be some Clan Skyre improvisation.

Here is the Stormfiend straight from the box:
He is packing the three very heavy Ratling Cannons you get with the kit. However if you went from straight out of the box any RC Stormfiends would all have the same pose.
From me Skaven need more variety. A quick email to a couple of locals and Ryan hooked me up with the necessary parts. It is worth remembering Ryan's role in all this when my Stormfiends destroy your prize unit.
The first conversion is of the Warpfire Stormfiend and involves Space Marine assault cannons. I have use this before to make my Ratling Gun teams from the metal Warpgrinder weapon team. It is an obvious conversion but sometimes simplicity is best.
The second conversion is of the CC Stormfiend. Here I wanted to get som variety in the models and so rather than just use the AC again I have used the Tau Burst Cannon - easy to get as what Tau player uses Burst Cannons?
These are heavier and I think give the Stormfiend a more "Verminator" look.
Given the tunnelling rules I wanted to give my unit the opportunity to use the Warpgrinder. You have the pieces left over from the RC Stormfiend. I used two of these to make the necessary adjustments to an Island of Blood Rat Ogre.
He's a little bit smaller than the new Stormfiends and I may look to bulk him up a bit. Either that or can't him "Runt".
So a morning's work and I have a unit of 4 Stormfiends with 3 RC and a Warpgrinder.
Now to the painting table!


  1. They do look like a fun model to convert.I just can't bring myself to building the skaven army i have in the shed lol


  2. Ver, very cool Pete. Cant wait to see them painted up and have a game against them!

  3. I claim 10% credit for all kills.... 20% if against Sam :p

  4. Great conversions.
    Disappointing that they don't come with more bitz for different builds straight out of the box.