Tuesday, February 17, 2015

30K in Plastic?

The drums are starting to beat a very interesting rhythm on the interwebz. Originally there was talk that 9th Edn WHFB was coming in May but over the past 3-4 weeks that particular beat has been shelved. Instead we were hearing that there was a going to be a big 40k surprise instead.

Well even that tune has altered. Now the word is that it isn't 40k at all. Instead it is 30k!!!!!

Rumours have surfaced that GW are looking to release a box set with PLASTIC 30k forces in it. Certainly I can see it as plausible from a commercial viewpoint. The Horus Heresy has been a cash cow for both Black Library and Forgeworld - you only need to check out the lines for both at events like Adepticon and see the cash registers ringing. So I can understand if GW want to cash in directly.

Personally I hope it is not true. I like the boutique (nice way to say elitist) nature of the Heresy and the Forgeworld product.

Still if there is a cash cow to be slaughtered, I can see GW don't it.

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