Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Doldrums

The past month has been characterised by a period of the doldrums as the release of Thanquol and rumours of the upcoming 9th Edition Armageddon receded into the mire.

This week starts the next upwave as we get the plastic Bloodthirster announced in White Dwarf - along with its rules. There is no mention of End Times V so it looks like that release will be announced in the first March White Dwarf.

It's at this point the gnashing of teeth will start again as the End Times "ends" and the rumour mill for 9th grinds into full production.

This week rumours have started to circulate regarding the contents of what has been called the 9th Edition box set. However in the next breath the rumours say that this is a standalone skirmish game set in the new Warhammer presumably post End Times world.

Expect the next two-three months to be filled with claim and counterclaim, portents of doom, anticipatory rage-quitting, proposed boycotts etc.

The rest of us will get on enjoying the game.

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  1. no matter what, we'll always have Paris...er...claw that out... we'll always have Skavenblight.